Installing Healpix C++ library

I tried this procedure under Ubuntu 7.10. Before we start, we need this two generic compilers installed, gcc and g++. Then I copy the healpix uncompressed root folder to /home/usr. From there we access the subfolder /home/usr/healpix/src/cxx/libcfitsio, where we copy the file cfitsio2510.tar.gz (download !!). After that we do:

[… /healpix/…/cxx]# export HEALPIX_TARGET=”generic_gcc”

[… /healpix/…/cxx]# make

All the useful files are copied then to /home/… /healpix/…/cxx/generic_gcc. We need to manually copy those to the corresponding folders in /usr (the ones in ../generic_gcc/lib to /usr/lib, etc.)

That should do it.