Dell D630, Windows XP and SATA Drive

In the BIOS, change AHCI to ATA, then install Windows XP as usual. Once it is done, and the other drivers installed, extract the driver R154200 Serial ATA Intel Matrix Storage Driver (from CD or the net).
– after running the R154200.exe file, you will find the drivers in the location you wrote in dialog box;
– go to Device Manager -> IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.
Double-click on the Intel ICH8M 3-port SATA Controller – 2828. ONLY on the device that ENDS with 2828;
– go to Driver tab, and choose to Update Driver;
– answer the Wizard prompts:

– No, not this time
– Install from a list or specific location …
– Don’t Search. I will …

– click the “Have Disk” button. Point to the drivers location and select “iaahci.inf”, then OK;
– in the list that appear, scroll to Intel 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller and select it;
– answer “Yes” to the “Update Driver Warning”;
– Restart -> press F2 -> BIOS:
Onboard Devices -> SATA Operation -> Set ATA
Onboard Devices -> Flash Cache Module -> Set On
– the system will require another restart after it will find the HDD as a “new hardware”.