Above, the video with audio shows the EDGES detection of a radio signal centered at 78 MHz, consistent with the formation of the first stars 180 million years after the Big Bang. This detection has been published in Nature, here. A second theory paper proposes an intriguing explanation for the amplitude of the signal, which is significantly larger than expected, here.



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Welcome to my Webpage

My name is Raul Monsalve and I am an Experimental Cosmologist. My interests include the measurement of radio and microwave signals coming from space, produced by different physical processes, when the Universe was very young.

I am a Research Associate at McGill University. I am also a Visiting Researcher at Arizona State University and at Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción.

The main project I participate is the Experiment to Detect the Global EoR Signature (EDGES).

My email address is:      raul.monsalve AT mcgill.ca

My (most likely out of date) curriculum vitae is here.